I've always loved animals, starting my first dog walking business when I was ten.  I used to race home after school to walk my clients' dogs, having a lovely time playing and running along our local beach. I also worked at the local racing stables, mucking out and exercising the horses before and after school, as well as the weekends.

I moved from Australia to the UK in 2000 and worked with the police in Hertfordshire.  During that time, I took my own dogs to different trainers and found their methods aggressive and bullying.  Watching trainers alpha rolling, pinning dogs to the ground and yanking choke chains to get results made me realise there had to be other ways of training.  How could we love our dogs and treat them like this?

Luckily, there were other methods.  Research into positive, force free training methods led me to study with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, where I became an accredited full member dog trainer; and the International School of Canine Psychology, where I obtained a Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Psychology.


I am also a fully certified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer with INTO Dogs and the International Companion Animal Network and am a member of the Pet Professional Network and the Dog Welfare Alliance. To maintain these memberships, I continue to refine my skills and increase my knowledge through continually investing in many hours of Continuing Professional Development from the world’s experts in dog behaviour and training.  All this means I'm better able to help people and their dogs


I have worked in conjunction with rescue centres in the UK and Romania, working with rescue dogs to help prepare them for their adoptive homes and carrying out home checks to ensure each dog and family are well matched.  


I live in Martham, Norfolk with my husband Dec, our Romanian rescue dog Cush and George the cat.