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 We all love our dogs, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what they are thinking.  Things which start as annoying one off behaviours can sometimes escalate until they seem an insurmountable problem.

At dogfulness, we will help you form an understanding and trusting relationship with your dog.  Using positive reinforcement, we will work to create a better quality of life for both you and your dog.

There's never any need to bully or intimidate your dog.  Old fashioned and outdated alpha, pack leader or dominant methods may appear to get results, but those results are obtained through fear and intimidation and often mask the unwanted behaviour, rather than dealing with the cause of it. 


At dogfulness, we believe in a kinder, better way, so we use force free, science based training and behavioural support techniques.   Your dog will love you for it.





Susie is full of enthusiasm and knowledge and is clearly passionate about dogs. She is an excellent communicator; I felt empowered and Charlie responded to her every word. The hour went so quickly and we left with clear steps to build success.

Wendy and Charlie