Many dogs (and their owners) don't enjoy group training classes and may find them overwhelming and stressful. When training in a group environment, it's easy to feel you're not doing it right, or that you're being left behind or overlooked.  Your dog may become over excited and stop listening to you, which makes things worse.  For a lot of people, it's often more comfortable to work on a one to one basis, where there are less pressures and expectations and it's easier for your dog to focus, rather than initially being distracted by what's going on around them.

At dogfulness, we understand that most people don’t expect their dog to perform fancy exercises or tricks but simply want a balanced, happy and well behaved dog that listens no matter when or where they are. By starting in a distraction free environment, it's easier to teach behaviours which can then be transferred to more stimulating places. 

By choosing personalised training sessions at your home, you'll learn how to incorporate dog training into your lifestyle, rather than just once a week in a class situation.  We recognise that your dog is an individual and so are you, so sessions are tailored to your specific needs.  As well, by choosing to train privately at home, the whole family can be involved.  

We believe it is your day to day contact and personal habits which define the roles and relationship between you and your dog.  For both of you to really benefit you should be able to incorporate training into your normal lifestyle. It makes sense that if the most time you spend with your dog is at home then this is where your training should be concentrated.

At dogfulness, we use positive, force free training, a science based approach which establishes a trusting and understanding relationship between human and dog. There's no need for intimidation or bullying to get the results you want.  

Training sessions normally last for around 90 minutes and are charged at £75 per session.