We all love our dogs, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what they are thinking.  Things which start as annoying one off behaviours can sometimes escalate until they seem an insurmountable problem.

At dogfulness, we will help you form an understanding and trusting relationship with your dog.  Using positive reinforcement, we will work to create a better quality of life for both you and your dog.

There's never any need to bully or intimidate your dog.  Old fashioned and outdated alpha, pack leader or dominant methods may appear to get results, but those results are obtained through fear and intimidation and often mask the unwanted behaviour, rather than dealing with the cause of it. 


At dogfulness, we believe in a kinder, better way, so we use force free, science based training and behavioural support techniques.   Your dog will love you for it.




how can we help you?


your new dog


Start life with your new dog the right way.  We offer advice on which puppy is right for your household, what equipment you'll need, pre-puppy essentials and 1:1 training.




Behavioural support in your own home, using kind, effective methods.


1:1 training


Why get lost in a crowd?  With 1:1 training sessions, you get all the attention, tailor made to your needs.

Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or behaviourist as it is legally an unregulated industry. This makes choosing a dog trainer or behaviourist quite a challenge!

Some impressive sounding titles and qualifications actually mean very little.  Sadly, some people think that if they "like" or have owned a dog, or have read a few books or done a course or two, that qualifies them to work with dogs with no formal qualifications or study involved. 

Fortunately, there are now an increasing number of voluntary regulatory bodies for animal trainers and behaviourists in the UK, working in association with the British Veterinary Association, RSPCA, Dogs Trust and many more leading charities and professional organisations, with the aim of ‘setting, overseeing and monitoring standards of professional competence in the practice of behaviour therapy and training of animals’.  


Before you deal with any dog trainer or behaviourist, make sure they are fully qualified, with a force free, positive reinforcement style of teaching.  


Susie is full of enthusiasm and knowledge and is clearly passionate about dogs. She is an excellent communicator; I felt empowered and Charlie responded to her every word. The hour went so quickly and we left with clear steps to build success.

Wendy and Charlie